Maybe your podcast is not a podcast

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Last week I was having a new Internet line installed at my home. I explained to the workers, all under 30, that I needed a period of quiet during the middle of the day because I was about to record a podcast.

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Periscope or Meerkat? The Marketer’s Guide to Live Video Streaming [Free Ebook]

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The live video streaming app Meerkat was the talk of the town after its appearance at SXSW in March 2015 -- but its popularity was shortlived. Just a few weeks later, Twitter released Periscope, a similar live video streaming app. Although Meerkat kicked mobile video streaming off with a bang, you'll see in this Google Trends graph of each app’s interest over time that Periscope might be winning the race: You might be thinking, "Okay, but should marketers care about these live video streaming apps?" Because consumers care

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Get Buyers to Do What You Want: Using Temptation Bundling

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As a marketer, you may feel that getting anyone to buy anything at all is hard enough. What happens when you build a company entirely around something people don’t really want anyway? Maybe you sell memberships to the local gym

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How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read

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For most marketers, this will sound familiar. You’re sitting around a conference room, trying to figure out how to best engage your leads and customers, sell more products, or just “stay top-of-mind” for your target audience, and someone decides there’s a solution that can solve all of those problems at once: an email newsletter! Suddenly you're "volunteered" to do it

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11.15 – MU Plus+

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Are the secrets to health and longevity held within the microbiome of Venezuelan natives, or is modern science’s cryogenic approach our best bet on life extension? We tackle this question along with the mystery of multiple consciousnesses held within the same brain, one woman’s claim to reading the Akashic records, and a parrot with a dangerous caffeine addiction. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ Members

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Roswell Slides and the “Ant People”

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Last week, I revealed here at Mysterious Universe that back in 2012, I was given the extensive files, notes, correspondence and archives of the late UFO researcher Kathy Kasten. I also noted that, as Kathy’s files show, much of her research was focused upon studying claims that one of the people who was brought in to study the mysterious bodies reportedly found outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, was William Randolph Lovelace II – a man with a prestigious background and who worked with both the U.S.

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How Livable Will Your Neighborhood Be as You Age?

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What is "livability" made of, exactly? That is the elusive question that a new “livability index” from AARP wants to answer. The index allows you to punch in an address and find out how it scores, on a scale from 1 to 100, in seven different categories: housing, transportation, environment, health, engagement, opportunity, and the catchall “neighborhood” category, which encompasses proximity to services as well as personal safety

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A Better Way to Store Wet Umbrellas

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Let's assume you know how to use an umbrella—but what do you do with it once you're indoors? The plastic bags you'll find in many lobbies just trap rainwater, leaving umbrellas damp and mildewy

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Dead Oarfish May Mean Earthquakes for New Zealand

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When a “messenger from the sea god’s palace” shows up dead on a beach, the Japanese listen because it is believed to be a harbinger of earthquakes.

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Marijuana Marketing: Can the Blossoming Cannabis Industry Overcome ‘Stoner’ Stereotypes?

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Marijuana smokers. Pot heads. Stoners.

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